Create a Gmail Account

Go to Gmail homepage: Click on the “create account” button below the sign in form. The signup form will appear.Gmail Create Account For you to be able to create a new Gmail account, you will need to enter some personal information, including: Name, Birthdate, and gender.Personal information needed to create gmail account You will have to pick your Gmail account “Username”. This will be used to create your unique email address “”. Some usernames may not be available if the username you chose is not available anymore (usernames need to be unique), Gmail will tell you, and you will have to choose a different Gmail account name; Google will also suggest you available name.Create username for Gmail Choose your password: Keep your account secure. Try to chose an unforgettable, but a secure password. Google may explain that you should try one with at least eight characters long to be secure. You’ll need to re-enter your password to ensure that you write it correctly.Creating gmail password Fill “Your current email address” field, if you have an address associated with another email service provider. It is used for recovery if you forget and want to recover your password.Introducing current address creating Gmail You will also ask to insert a ‘Captcha’ code, a verification tool that ensures that is not a bot is creating the account. Complete the ‘Captcha’. If you can’t read it, click the refresh button next to the text field to get an other one, or click the speaker button. You can skip this step, but if you do it, you will need to verify your account via a mobile phone number you provide (for free).Why I need to put mobile phone while creating gmail account Select your current location. Review and Accept Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Finally, click on “Next step” button and you will be asked to complete your user profile. It is up to you whether you want to do that or not. Congratulations, you have now created your new Gmail account which you can now send and receive email and access all other Google service. After creating an account, simply enter the Gmail website url: in the browser’s address and login to your Gmail account by typing in your username ( and password.

Gmail Login Account is one of the most preferred web based free email service provider by many internet users because of its ease of use, excellent features and its speed. You can access your free Gmail account from anywhere in the world provide you are in front of a computer that has an internet connection. It is the free, fast and secure internet medium that will help you to stay connected with your loved ones, families and businesses at any time. Logging into your Gmail account is very easy if you have a valid Gmail account. All you need to do is to first open a new web browser windows and visit the Gmail website. You will be directed to a Gmail login page where you will find two options to fill in, which is the email address and the password. You need to enter the exact email address that you have created an account within the box provided. Next, enter the exact case sensitive password that you had entered when sign in Gmail account in the appropriate text box. Once done, hit the log in button and you will be taken to your inbox where you can access your new mails or read the old ones.

Msn Inbox

Video and voice-to-speech system that allows to arrive at the beginning of a wide geography, found itself a place in the msn, followed by written mail to get allowed. File, document, image, in the form of the data to be sent with the system off while you are even recognized. The system is primarily for the opening of the records required to be made. Recorded in the rest of the mail address and a password, not necessarily a computer should be taken note of. There will be a drawback during the password or email address from the repetition of the information necessary for the definitely initially should be entered correctly. The security elements to keep at the top of the system at some point, sometimes malicious people to succumb. A variety of software programs and with people you do not know the prisoner. Things for her that you have added to your list of people you must know. From your list of people you do not know definitely, you must move. The necessary input information in the rest of the system to enter, just press the home key, it will be sufficient. Love you, esinis and your friend to talk with, you can start immediately. Voice communication during the counter-party if the computer is not in him through the ringer, you can send a warning. Even msn address to off, even if you wrote him messages in his system to start with is transmitted. At this point, the msn inbox for excellent service. Msn inbox located in the opening of shipments should be careful too. Emails from people you don't know, delete the ones you definitely will not be in the interests of. In the inbox, send the desired opening and clicking on the link with all of your computer data can pass by. In the past, hundreds of this kind of problem, and this method is still with people's personal data to take over dealing with people. Whether you want a video with a voice far as the msn site that brings all the speed in the world continues to be used. The system use to be increasing with each passing day, and in this sense, the system is constantly renewing itself. Msn inbox or msn conversation screen with easy-to-use environment. In a short time, opening up quickly and be ready with minutes the system waits at the beginning of last longer.

Part of Google Images

Google images are widely used by almost everyone and it offers a pool of pictures contributed by users as well as from third party sites to make it what it is today. As this may sound like a fairly simple tool to use, which it is, there are other aspects to it that are good to know. Search – When you search using Google images, you will see another menu under “images” which may be helpful to refine your search. On clicking “search tools” you may refine it by size-large, medium or small; color – black and white or any specific color; type – whether you want animated, clip art, photo etc.; time – mostly used for to search recent images; usage rights – this is very important if you want to avoid copyright hassles. Search results – Apart from the normal list of images that you see on clicking “search”, you will also find categories or groups of images categorized on relevance to the search. Google images throws up search results that others have used on searching for the same keyword as yours to help you get better results. Use – Once the image is clicked it will open as a small image which you can zoom in or out. On right clicking, options such as save or copy image will appear which you may use. These images could also be linked to a certain webpage and it will take you to it if you click on the link. Upload – If you wish to upload a picture on Google images, you will first have to log in to your Google account. There is a small icon next to your profile thumbnail which says “share”. Click on it and you will get options to share Photos, links, video and events. Select photos and choose the source from where you want to upload the picture. Add a caption and select “Public” as the people you want to share it with. Add appropriate captions and the photo is good to be uploaded. Voice Search – Google images have advanced in a way that can search by voice input. All you have to do is click on the “microphone” icon and say what you wish to search for; this will type out the voice command and display the search results. Search by Picture – This is a next level search option by Google. If you wish to search for a certain image or similar images, you should click on the “camera” icon on the search bar and select if you wish to upload the picture from your computer or a link. Hit enter and you will be shown results for the picture you searched for. Some images will be the same, others will be similar and some others will be the same but of a different size. Delete – You can delete images posted by you for others you may have to get in touch with the person who holds the picture and request a delete. Google images have made it so easy for everyone to search and contribute their story in pictures to the world.

New Gmail Inbox

This are Primary, Social, Promotions and Updates.Primary will show your main emails. Just think Gmail is working automatically and helping you out and saving you time in deleting or unsubscribing websites. Now the spam emails or promotional emails like deals and offers will be in the promotional category. The social category will have all the notification emails like who commented. No matter how hard you try to unsubscribe from these websites, we keep getting hundreds of promotional emails from them. Now you can simply go to the primary category and read all your important email. The social category will have all the twits, Facebook or any other social network updates. You do not need to delete and the check your main emails. The update category deals with automated or computer generated receipts, orders or e-bills and so forth. You do not need to waist your time by reading all these emails and delete it one by one. My review about the new features is that it is great and it saves a hell of a lot of time and energy. When you have time to waist, you can check the social content or otherwise simply check your primary emails and reply accordingly. The fantastic Gmail features is also easy to use on your mobile phone as it is on your computer or laptop. Just slide down the cursor to the other categories and know how many emails have come in to the other categories. There is also a convenient way that you can save your attachments to the Google Drive directly and guess what you can even send that particular download to a new folder on Google Drive. What more can you ask? You can see numerous attachments within the new Gmail features. If you open an email it automatically scans the attachment; so that it can check it’s content. Suppose you want a particular type of email in a different category; simply click and drag and drop. Next time you receive that type of email you will find it in the category you dropped it in. The categories are simple and easily accessible. Only login to Gmail and enjoy the new features.

Gmail Sign Up

Gmail sign up, on the right of the screen is the list of fields that need to be filled in. Enter in your full name. Next Choose your username that you will use to log in to your Google account. Your username can be 6-30 characters long, you can use letters, numbers and full stops. After filling in your username, Google will check availability. If the username is taken, the border will change red and the phrase “Someone already has that username. Try another?” will appear. You can add your last name or numbers and change the username and keep it personal. Gmail sign up, Next Create a Password. Use a mix of letters, numbers and symbols to create your password. Make sure the password is not easily guessed by hackers. Change your password monthly to make it more secure from hackers. In the following field enter the same password again. Google will check if both passwords matched to make sure you did not make a typing mistake. Enter next your Birthday and select your Gender. Fill in your mobile phone number and your current email address. This is not required but very useful when you forgot your password for your Google Account, you may choose the option to receive a text message or email on your previous email address with a verification code to rest your password.