New Gmail Inbox

This are Primary, Social, Promotions and Updates.Primary will show your main emails. Just think Gmail is working automatically and helping you out and saving you time in deleting or unsubscribing websites. Now the spam emails or promotional emails like deals and offers will be in the promotional category. The social category will have all the notification emails like who commented. No matter how hard you try to unsubscribe from these websites, we keep getting hundreds of promotional emails from them. Now you can simply go to the primary category and read all your important email. The social category will have all the twits, Facebook or any other social network updates. You do not need to delete and the check your main emails. The update category deals with automated or computer generated receipts, orders or e-bills and so forth. You do not need to waist your time by reading all these emails and delete it one by one. My review about the new features is that it is great and it saves a hell of a lot of time and energy. When you have time to waist, you can check the social content or otherwise simply check your primary emails and reply accordingly. The fantastic Gmail features is also easy to use on your mobile phone as it is on your computer or laptop. Just slide down the cursor to the other categories and know how many emails have come in to the other categories. There is also a convenient way that you can save your attachments to the Google Drive directly and guess what you can even send that particular download to a new folder on Google Drive. What more can you ask? You can see numerous attachments within the new Gmail features. If you open an email it automatically scans the attachment; so that it can check it’s content. Suppose you want a particular type of email in a different category; simply click and drag and drop. Next time you receive that type of email you will find it in the category you dropped it in. The categories are simple and easily accessible. Only login to Gmail and enjoy the new features.