Part of Google Images

Google images are widely used by almost everyone and it offers a pool of pictures contributed by users as well as from third party sites to make it what it is today. As this may sound like a fairly simple tool to use, which it is, there are other aspects to it that are good to know. Search – When you search using Google images, you will see another menu under “images” which may be helpful to refine your search. On clicking “search tools” you may refine it by size-large, medium or small; color – black and white or any specific color; type – whether you want animated, clip art, photo etc.; time – mostly used for to search recent images; usage rights – this is very important if you want to avoid copyright hassles. Search results – Apart from the normal list of images that you see on clicking “search”, you will also find categories or groups of images categorized on relevance to the search. Google images throws up search results that others have used on searching for the same keyword as yours to help you get better results. Use – Once the image is clicked it will open as a small image which you can zoom in or out. On right clicking, options such as save or copy image will appear which you may use. These images could also be linked to a certain webpage and it will take you to it if you click on the link. Upload – If you wish to upload a picture on Google images, you will first have to log in to your Google account. There is a small icon next to your profile thumbnail which says “share”. Click on it and you will get options to share Photos, links, video and events. Select photos and choose the source from where you want to upload the picture. Add a caption and select “Public” as the people you want to share it with. Add appropriate captions and the photo is good to be uploaded. Voice Search – Google images have advanced in a way that can search by voice input. All you have to do is click on the “microphone” icon and say what you wish to search for; this will type out the voice command and display the search results. Search by Picture – This is a next level search option by Google. If you wish to search for a certain image or similar images, you should click on the “camera” icon on the search bar and select if you wish to upload the picture from your computer or a link. Hit enter and you will be shown results for the picture you searched for. Some images will be the same, others will be similar and some others will be the same but of a different size. Delete – You can delete images posted by you for others you may have to get in touch with the person who holds the picture and request a delete. Google images have made it so easy for everyone to search and contribute their story in pictures to the world.